Javier de Vicente

Over a period of 20 years I worked I the environmental sector, managing innovation projects with a high degree of complexity and co-participation. I have coordinated innovation units in the public sector, being in charge of developing technologic applications and platforms for biodiversity conservation, forest fire prevention or protected areas management among others. In these times, we introduced the use of Augments Reality or mobile devices in one “old sector” as the environmental is. In this context, I also conducted innovation studies on different fields such as the use of big data to analyse the territory or foresight and how to apply in the natural risk management. All of this work allowed me to merge together my background as PhD in forestry engineering and a MSc in Geographical Information Systems.

Apart from this innovation field, I have also worked for years in the land planning arena, which walked me to lead public participatory processes involving more than 90 stakeholders with a variety of interests, conflicts and aspirations. These projects and the way we managed to arrive to actually innovative ways of planning, led me to deeply explore new disciplines such as complex systems work, social behaviour or collective creativity. During this time, I combined my professional activity with teaching at university as associate professor. Managing environmental engineering projects, dealing with complexity and uncertainty were at the very core of my syllabus.

I ended up applying this experience in international contexts whether they were European projects or more international collaborations. After some stages in different countries of Latin America, Burma and different European countries I realized that, despite the cultural differences, the complexity of the problems and the creative ways to fix them out remained the same. The people involved in the problem and how the way they interrelate one to another lead to different quality of ideas and solutions.

Eventually I started up my own brand to put all my knowledge and experience in these fields of complexity, creativity and social and technical innovation at other teams and organizations’ disposal. From Factory4Change I help other people, teams and companies to solve their own complex challenges in a creative and innovative way. It can be to redesign a business model, to improve a process, to create a new product or service or even to make a new policy.

My role as facilitator is to create the space, safe and inspirational enough to nurture the alignment of all the people around the table, unlocking the hidden knowledge and boosting the collective creativity and innovation. Paraphrasing Linda Hill, leading collective innovation is to set an inspiring stage for others to perform and shine on it.

To do that, I got certified under some of the very new methodologies to understand and enhance teams’ dynamics, behaviours and results. I am an international certified facilitator, trainer in Advanced Creative Problem Solving, consultant in BELBIN team roles, certified  facilitator in LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method and materials, Flourishing Business Model first explorer and Cultural Transformation Tools consultant.


Ragnhild Scheifes

Connecting people, teams, organization that’s what I love doing in a natural way. Changes can only be realized together and only by individual motivation, commitment and strength.

As an anthropologist I have developed an open way of looking at people and organizations. I’m trained to listen and to observe, but I am also skilled in placing information in a broader context. Over the years I have developed these skills in the field of sustainability and climate change.

Climate change asks for innovative new ways of thinking and behaving of individuals, governments, companies and also knowledge institutions. We need all hands on deck. Connecting the knowledge of people to create new pathways to a healthy and long lasting world. Creating space to implement technical solutions.

I have been working with local and regional government on their sustainable pathway. Working together with a diverse group of stakeholders to reduce carbon emissions and work on climate adaptation project.  Over the years I have developed a broad network in the field of sustainability ranging from sustainable energy to climate adaptation, waste, and circular economy. I also work on a project for electric car sharing called “We drive solar” which should contribute to a different perception mobility.

In an international context I have worked with students on climate and carbon related project through individual coaching and group facilitation. While facilitating group processes I challenge people to get to their personal drive and core. Together with Javier I have worked for the pioneers into practice programme of Climate-Kic and  facilitating lego serious play workshops on circular economy.




We are not “the experts” landing on your organization and telling you what to do. We are not “the consultants” giving you our answers for your questions as if they were “the answers”. In Factory4Change deeply believe that the source for innovation and change in your organization relies on the experience and values of its members.

We accompany and facilitate your processes of innovation and change, helping teams unlock and harness the internal knowledge and creativity they already have. We help you to ask yourself better questions and find out the solutions best suited to your context, reality and expertise.

We coach your teams, facilitating their processes and dynamics by making use of serious play, really innovative and challenging tools and our years of experience in innovation, sustainability and creativity.

As facilitators, we fully believe in the power of playing, the key role of generative listening and the energy of co-creation. So, we resort to highly innovative and involving methods, such as Innovation games, LEGO® Serious Play®, Advance Creative Problem Solving, Cultural Transformation Tools or BELBIN® team roles. By means of our carefully crafted proposals we nurture highly co-creative and collaborative contexts in your organizations. In doing that, the processes of innovation, learning and transformation are accelerated, while your team members are more aligned and your teams become high-impact.

As trainers, we create learning experiences around the art of conversations rather than the art of presentations. We are convinced that any training activity has to be based on a strong connection between trainer and trainees, revolving around a context specifically created for the organization. As it is said, “we don’t serve Big Macs… but homemade food”.

We can work with you in many different set-ups according to your needs, from facilitating a board or project meeting to co-design and run an innovation process. How?


  • Organising customized workshops to carry out innovation stints, visioning and foresight sessions, business modelling projects, creative problem solving processes, etc. We co-design the workshop with you, picking out and putting in place the best suited tools and methods. During one to five days your teams will be embedded in a highly energetic and inspiring atmosphere that drive them to find out new and creative solutions for their challenges. Watch out! Our workshops are not a sequence of team building activities just for the sake of having fun. They are specifically designed to explore not so common places and territories and to arrive at practical and tangible solutions.


  • Accompanying your teams along a specific project or innovation processes, to improve the quality and sustainability of the solutions. We provide your teams with the systemic and innovative tools to better comprehend the problem, involve stakeholders in a collaborative atmosphere and to come up with new solutions and approaches. We help your teams to design better processes and apply tools and methods to get out the best of their experience and stakeholders’ perspectives. Factory4Change provides you with the systemic and creative prism make a difference in your projects and plans.


  • Designing specific actions to improve the alignment and efficiency of your teams or your whole organization. We combine workshops, training and coaching sessions to get transformation come real in your organizational contexts. Try our workshops on LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY®  methodology applied to team values and goals, leverage your teams’ performance with our workshops based on teambuilding and BELBIN® team roles and level up your organization long-term vision by working with us with the Cultural Transformation Tools. Small actions can bring about terrific changes, little courage is only needed.


  • In-company training. We organise and run high level training for your staff and teams. Our training courses embark participants in a horizontal and massively involving atmosphere to learn by doing and doing by applying the new methods, tools and techniques in their own real cases.