ADVANCED Creative Problem Solving

Imagination leads to creativity. Creativity leads to innovation and Innovation leads to entrepreneurshipTina Seeling


Logic and analytics skills are dominant in the business arena at the expense of creative skills. As a result, coming up with innovative solutions out of the business as usual turns out nearly impossible. The Advanced Creative Problem Solving process put at your disposal the newest creative methodology that combines the well-known Creative Problem Solving method with the latest scientific breakthroughs in neuroscience and creativity. This bulletproof method will provide you with innovative and high-impact solutions.


We organize both introductory sessions and bespoke workshops to bring out and maximize the innovation and creativity capabilities in your teams. With the introductory sessions, you will get familiar with the methodology and will see how creative your teams can become. With our customized workshops, you will get innovative proposals or solutions for the challenge you are facing, no matter the type it is.

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If you are looking for creative solutions that go off the traditional and expected ways or you are stuck in your project or innovation, you can get to amazing solutions by putting place this powerful and massively applied methodology.

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