CULTURAL transformation

“We need businesses that can actually define their role in society in terms of a much larger purpose than the products and brands that they sell. Values and purpose are going to be the two drivers of software that are going to create the companies of tomorrow.”Harish Manwani


The market is plenty of successful organizations (whether they are companies, social organizations, governments, etc.) but in the long-run, only few of them survive and, more important, very few of them are seen as organizations of endearment. That is, organizations which convey enthusiasm, taking care for customers, employees and the community; organizations where innovation thrives and teams easily adapt to unforeseen circumstances; organizations where there is a shared vision and a common set of values, defining the framework within the organization operates becoming its fingerprint for employees, clients, shareholders and the whole community.

This values culture accounts for the organization identity and becomes the new frontier in business (social and economic) and a key driver for success. Working on values and culture is an opportunity to create cohesion and clarity among managers and employees transforming conflict and differences into competitive advantages by means of innovation and change.


We use the Barrett Values model and the Cultural Transformation Tools to define, measure and help you to transform the values driving your organizational culture. The tools have been used to measure the values of over 6,000 organizations and 3,000 leaders in 80 countries. They help foster the transformation of corporations, NGOs, government and municipal agencies, communities, schools, and nations.

We design and facilitate bespoke programmes to support companies in finding a new shared culture. A culture that once pervading every policy, procedure and behaviour is able to leverage the organization performance and survival to unexpected limits. In a very straightforward, visual and compelling process, we help you to define the values present in your current culture and those desired for the future of the organization.

With this asset, we can adopt the procedures and behaviours needed to embody the new culture and to align all your employees and stakeholders. In one sentence, you will build an organization that cares people, an organization in which people will love to work in.

Who for?

Any organization not only willing to be the best OF the world but rather, the best FOR the world. Organizations with the vision to embrace change and transform themselves into firms of endearment, taking care of employees, customers and communities.

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