FUTURE SCENARIOS. Roadmapping, visioning and backcasting.

“The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old, but on building the new.Dan Millman


In the current volatile, complex and changing world, traditional planning and management tools have become not effective to provide answers to our organizations challenges anymore. Organizations have to be highly adaptable and highly sharp to learn from the emergent future instead of from what happened in the past. We need tools specifically designed to better look into the future and draw lessons.


We organise bespoke working sessions to help you to create and work on future scenarios with different goals:

Foresight. Visioning and backcasting workshops to unfold innovation pathways for your organization. You will build a new scenario based on the accumulated knowledge and experience, but also on what might be and you would like to reach. Then, from that future we will set back to the present moment, identifying necessary changes, their likeability and our capacity to make it happen. On the basis of the future and the changes an action plan will be made, identifying solutions, alternatives, partners, etc.

Real Time Adaptable Strategy. Creative work sessions to draw up organizations’ strategies adapted to changing realities and to simulate and analyse potential events and impacts. After defining the current stage and the envision future, teams will work on potential agents or events, simulating their impacts on the system in case of coming to life. Based on those impacts, new Guiding Principles will be identified to draw up a new strategy absolutely adapted to real time changes.

LEGO® Serious Play®, System Innovation Tools or Advanced Creative Problem Solving are some of the methods we put in place.

Who for?

This service is aimed to four types or organizations. (1) Highly innovative organizations working in the cutting edge and who desire to predict the future scenario in order to map out opportunities for innovation. (2) Companies facing relevant changes in their framework (new regulations, environmental conditions…) with hardly predictable consequences. (3) Authorities and social organizations interested in exploring new social or sociotechnical futures in order to promote or predict certain changes and (4) Companies who want to be strategically flexible for the changing context.

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