INNOVATION in products, services and systems

“The best artists, scientists, engineers, inventors, entrepreneurs, and other creators are the ones who keep taking steps by finding new problems, new solutions, and then new problems again”Kevin Ashton


Creativity and innovation are crucial for organizations to survive, grow and transform In the current volatile, complex and changing world. Driving innovation forward not only requires the expert knowledge already existing in organizations, but also new tools and processes to better understand reality and how it changes.

The organizations that stand out are the most creative, flexible and the best trained to interpret the emergent future and the complex system in which they are embedded. All of that allows them to propose disruptive and innovative solutions.


In Factory4Change we help you to design and carry out highly effective and quick innovation stints on products, services, processes or the whole organization. According to your real needs we can help you to reframe the problem, ideate new solutions, and to prototype and validate them. It doesn’t matter if your innovation is technological or social, the process is equally effective.

By means of our methodologies you will get a 360º vision of the complexity of factors and trends that can affect your organization and how to handle and take advantage of them in the short and long-term.

Advanced Creative Problem Solving, Design Thinking, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® and System innovation tools are the core methodologies we apply to leverage your innovation capacities and level them up to a new scale.

One single day with our experts on innovation and creativity will make huge difference in your result.

Who for?

Organizations and entrepreneurs  involved in an innovation process whether it is a product, a process, a service or the organization as such.

  • Any breakthrough technological idea in mind?
  • Do you need to improve the services you provide?
  • Are you designing a new product?
  • Are you on the way to redefine or develop your business model?
  • Would you like to transform or tune up your internal processes?
  • Are you thinking about  a new service pointing to the shared economy?

There are piles of situations in which we can give you a hand to propel your ideas forward.

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