(PRO) FACILITATION of meetings, seminars and working events

“Through facilitation we create safe and comfortable spaces where people can fulfill their potential in a collective transformation journey.Javier de Vicente


Every day hundreds of thousands of meetings, workshops, seminars and any other type of work events are held all around the world. Despite this vast experience, the harsh reality is that most of them are ineffective or even discouraging. The outcome: employees disengaged and results poorly supported and far from the real needs. Nobody actually wants meetings, but we all need results.

In a world where time is a scarce and expensive asset, companies cannot afford having endless and inefficient meetings and discussions any more. New approaches, dynamics and ways of facilitating work events are more necessary than ever. Methods capable to generate interest, engage people, bring creativity to the room and drive events to collective thinking and supported results.


Whether it is a ten-people meeting, a twenty-people workshop or a seminar with over one hundred people, we can help you to completely redesign them and come to satisfactory results. With our methods, we create a collaborative atmosphere in which participants engage and work together for shared results.

By applying our methodology and resorting to some specific tools and strategies such as gamification, LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® or professional participatory methods, we manage to fuel creativity and motivation in your meetings and events. As a result, consensus, shared proposals and collective innovation look realistic and easily reachable.

Try us and we will turn your next work event in a more absorbing, creative and engaging experience. You will be surprised by the result you can get.

Who for?

Any type or company and organization, who wants to leverage their work events with the goal of:

  • Unlock knowledge, creativity and experiences.
  • Generate interest and engagement.
  • Provoke meaningful and enriching conversations.
  • Break habitual thinking.
  • Building shared solutions to complex problems.


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