SYSTEM THINKING applied to innovation

“The 21st century requires leaders who can navigate the unknown in an ever-changing world and bridge divides.”Jacqueline Novogratz


Sustainability, climate change, social innovation, water management, rural development, green energy, urban mobility… Many out of the current challenges that organizations face, have a systemic nature making them hardly possible to address with a traditional and linear approach.

Market outskirts are plenty of technical innovations that failed only because entrepreneurs didn’t understand the system, its components and relationships. Knowing how to apply a systemic perspective may be the difference between your project stalling or keeping going on.


Throughout three days you will navigate through the particularities of sociotechnical systems and will learn how they work, their dimensions and components, the existing lock-ins and how to come up with disruptive innovations for the current challenges. Deeply rooted in the tenet of “learning by doing”, the course is made of a combination of hands-on activities that will lead you through the different stages of the innovation process applying tools and methods to real cases. It will enable you to design and run bespoke innovation stints adapted to your own challenges and contexts.

The course is made up of six complementary modules to gear you up to carry out system innovation:

  1. Stakeholder analysis and problem perspectives.
  2. System depiction and analysis.
  3. Foresight, visioning and backcasting.
  4. Ideation and solution development.
  5. Prototyping and validation.
  6. System innovation management.
  7. Working in teams, in a co-creative atmosphere, you will know and put in place an unique innovation process which comprises elements from design thinking, system thinking and Creative Problem Solving. All of that along with a new set of tools to better depict, diagnose and disrupt sociotechnical systems.

    Who for?

    All type of professionals dealing with systems and innovations. From social entrepreneurs and policy makers to environmental managers and technical innovators.

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