CERTIFICATION in Advanced Creative Problem Solving

“ Creative thinking – in terms of idea creativity – is not a mystical talent. It is a skill that can be practised and nurtured.”Edward de Bono


Innovation is the real competitive advantage nowadays. Companies are aware of that and consequently are craving for experts in creativity and innovation. With this training, you will become a certified consultant in one the newest methodologies in creativity and innovation. The title is recognized by the Creative Certification Programme (CCP)and you will also join the CCP international network of professionals getting access to other resources and opportunities.

This course run by Javier de Vicente, certified trainer of @CPS methodology, will broaden your creativity and innovation skills, paving the way for you to build a new career.


This 3 day certification course will walk you through the vast ocean of applied creativity and how to make use of it to drive forward innovation. We have crafted an utterly immersive and practical learning experience that will drive home to you how to develop and boost imagination and creativity in teams. Not only will you learn and experience the process and methods but also will learn the neuroscience roots underlying the creativity in people and organizations.

This international programme, unique in contents and methods, will provide you with new skills, tools and knowledge that will allow you to further design and facilitate actions to support and spark innovation in companies and organizations.

Who for?

All type of professionals whatever the background, interested in deepening their knowledge and understanding about creativity, how it works and how it can be practically applied on a daily basis to fuel innovation and change in organizations.

Creative Problem Solving is the most studied and applied innovation and creativity process around the world. Nasa, Nestlé Unilever or Mastercard are one of the thousands of companies whose leaders trust in the CPS process to create and innovate.

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