Market is plenty of public speaking courses covering topics such as the rhetoric, the presentation, the body language or how to impress your audience, just to mention some of them. However, the reality is that most of those courses brush over the fact that communication is a complex process if addressed partially it lacks of power, effectiveness and connection.

As John C. Maxwell asserts in his fabulous book “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect”, public communication is not about communication is about connection. And connection takes effort and more importantly, takes a deeper understanding of human behaviour, feelings and the way our brain works.

This course takes a significantly different approach to public speaking, an approach that starts and ends with the audience, is grounded on neuroscience and human behaviour and tackles speaking in public as a comprehensive process which has to be considered as a whole and to as a sum of the parts.


Generative Communication is an involving experience on how connecting to others by means of an effective use of oral, aural and communication. You will learn the differences between conscious and unconscious communication and how to resort to them to deeper and better connect with your audience.

The course is made up of six modules to go through in three intensive and interactive days (or six half days): (1) Principles and neuroscience behind communication, (2) The content of your communication, (3) The use of visuals, (4) The aural conversation, (5) Unconscious communication and (6) The devil in the details: storytelling, managing fears, Q&A, off the cuff, elevator pitch…

By the end of the course you will have learnt how to connect with your audience in such a way that can influence on them by mastering the art of generative communication.

Who for?

All type of professionals who want to improve their communication skills, especially when looking for making an impact on others by connecting at different sensorial and conscious levels.

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